Стогов, Илья

Ilya Stogoff was born in Leningrad in 1970. Before fully embarking on his writing career, Stogoff worked as a shop assistant in a sports ware shop, a TV presenter, a school teacher and a janitor in a Berlin cinema, a chief editor of a glossy magazine, music reporter, a barman. His career in mass-media has lasted for over 13 years, and in 1999 Stogoff was named Journalist of the Year. He spent much time roaming over the vast territory of Russia and lived for 18 months on the Island of Sakhalin. In 2001 OM magazine named Ilya Stogoff Writer of the Year, while his bestselling novel MACHOS DON’T CRY has been translated to a number of European languages. The novel MASIAFUCKER received nomination for The National Bestseller Prize.

Today Ilya Stogoff, with over 10 books to his name, is hailed as a major Russian writer and the voice of Russian Generation Y.

Ilya Stogoff is married, has two children. He lives in St. Petersburg.